The AAYC is always looking
for new volunteers.

We are interested in starting new programs and
expanding current programs.  We need coach's
and support staff that would like to work directly
with the youth as well as others willing to work on

We also need support and construction
volunteers to maintain and continue our
remodeling efforts.

Community Service
For those needing community service hours please
contact us for more details

If you'd like to help us give us a call at 373-2292 or
stop by after 6:30 PM .
Current Staff members
We run 100% on Volunteers (updated Dec 2017)

  • Billie Palmer -- Membership Coordinator, Treasurer
  • Brandon Gallegos --Youth Cabinet President
  • Cody Perez -- Vice President & Photographer
  • Crystal Gallegos -- Mentor, Parent Support Team
  • Kim Carter -- Lead Zumba Instructor
  • Lance Watkins --Haunted House Crew
  • LaRue Hite -- Secretary, Membership Coordinator,
    Board of Directors, Founding Member
  • LaViza Matthews -- Community Service Outreach
  • Linda Collins -- Board Member
  • Linda Hayhurst -- Greeter, Board of Directors
  • Marcus Hite -- Haunted House & Fencing Coach
  • Matt Hite -- AAYC Executive Director, Fencing Coach,
    haunted house, Founding Board of Directors
  • Micheal Baca -- Haunted House Crew
  • Paul Dalesio -- Maintenance, Haunted House
  • Sean London -- Taekwondo Instructor