Our Governance
    The AAYC is governed by our filed rules and bylaws laid out with the state of Texas as a 501c3 non-profit.  A
    volunteer board of directors drive the AAYC providing leadership, experience and guidance to fulfill the missions,
    visions, and goals of the AAYC.  Our Board of Directors is created from people of all walks of life who have the
    desire to see young people in the Amarillo Community grow into successful moral citizens in our community.  We are
    always seeking new advisory board members that are compelled to help with our cause.
AAYC Board of Directors :
    Place 1 (expires 2019):           Matthew Hite (President)
    Place 2 (expires 2020):           LaRue Hite (Secretary)
    Place 3 (expires 2018):           Linda Collins
    Place 4 (expires 2019):          Gary Kleiber
    Place 5 (expires 2020):           Vacant
    Place 6 (expires 2018):           Billie Palmer (Treasurer)
    Place 7 (expires 2020):           Linda Hayhurst
    Place 8 (expires 2019):           Cody Perez (Vice-President)
    Youth Council Rep:           Brandon Gallegos
                                                            (non-voting-changes yearly)    

BoD terms are three years.  Please see our bylaws for questions.  
Officer terms are two years in length and expire on even years.  
positions start on January 1 and continue through till Dec 31st of the
year listed above.   
Our Advisory Board members:

    Crystal Gallegos (parent)
    Marcus Hite (coach)
    Paul Dalesio (staff)
    Lance Watkins (staff)
    Tiahan Brecheisen (instructor)
    John Edwards
    Kim Carter (instructor)
    Cindy Mayo (staff)
    Sean London (instructor)

The AAYC is a proud member of the Amarillo Chamber of Commerce
Van buren Frightmare, Haunted House, our major fundraiser